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And You Still Move Me

Updated: May 13, 2021

Hello Again, Beloved Wolf Pack. Greetings, Beautiful Community. Salutations, Luminous Edge Walkers.

Eight months and a lifetime ago I wrote the words above at the beginning of the year, thinking I knew something of the shape of what lay before me, that I had a grasp of the cartography and a compass point to guide me in the right direction.

A glimpse behind me now reveals what feels like a distant World. Here in this time of global shift and change, here in The Great Pause, this In-between Space, we have sustained much. We have reached out to one another in grief and longing, in anger and the hungry burning need for something better.

I still believe we are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For. I believe we are Divinely Designed for these turbulent and potent times. Whether we are in the street raising our Voices to the heavens or at home figuring out how to make it through one more day, we are full of Magic and Mystery. We can be Tuning Forks and resonate at a Frequency so full of Justice, Gratitude and Love that we bend the Laws of Physics. We can meet in Dream Space and craft the World kinder.

There is a song I'm working on right now to help me chart my own path through this foreign land:

"My heart is full. A thicket full of rubies. The hard alchemy of Black Swans singing. The crescent Moon. I hear it keening. And you pressed up against me.

What we choose. The stars are in our making. I burned that bridge. Another path taken.

A raven's call. I am here howling. And you…you still move me."

Bright blessings to us all.


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